Front Double Deck in Greenwich

A Transformative Exterior Makeover in Greenwich

The owners of this two-story home contacted A2Z Contractors to fix drainage problems and leaking in the roof. After checking the property, A2Z’s recommendation was to install new gutters and a rooftop waterproofing system.  In addition, a deteriorating first floor deck was removed and replaced with a new two-story one.

The Project Begins

The first steps required the team to replace the gutters and begin building the framework for the new deck at the same time. Once that was started, then the rooftop waterproofing system was installed.

Tackling Challenges as We Go

The before and after photos show the impact of these improvements. The exterior has been transformed!  Our experienced A2Z team fixed the drainage issues that will protect the exterior for the future, and built a new two-story deck, which expanded the living space. The addition has also significantly increased the value of the house.

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Before, During, and After

Double deck work begins
Front Double Deck - Work Begins
Double deck are beginning to take shape
Double deck - Beginning to take shape
Double deck, decking framework
Lower Deck Framework - Taking Shape
Lower Level Deck Framework is Complete
Double Deck - decking and railings are in
Double Deck - Deck Flooring and Railing Installed
Front Double Deck in Greenwich
Double Deck - Completed